Link G4 Knockblock

Knock sensor interface for use with headphones or direct ECU connection

  • Two knock sensor inputs

  • High power, low distortion audio output

  • ANC (active noise cancellation) detection mode

  • 40MHz digital signal micro-processor

  • Analogue 0V to 5V output for interfacing to a Dyno or Engine Management System

  • Digital time window input for individual cylinder knock control

  • Digital window output for interfacing to Link's G4 ECUs

  • KnockBlock LED on mounting block photoExternal knock indication LED

  • Fifteen user selectable digital filters

  • Selectable detection gain from 1 to 64

  • Internal 9V battery compartment for quick setup

  • Low power mode for extended battery life (audio only)

G4 KnockBlock Tuning Kit ( Digital knock tuning kit includes head set, looms, knock sensors )



02.03.2011 Link Engine Management in Eastern Europe

Link products are already on the Eastern Europe market. Uniflex Motorsport is an official dealer for Eastern Europe. Uniflex Motorsport is authorized to distribute Link's products in the following countries: